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Pulled Pork

Pulled Pork

Indulge in the rich, smoky flavor of our smoked pulled pork, slow-cooked to perfection and smothered in our signature homemade BBQ sauce. Each batch is meticulously prepared to ensure tender, juicy pork that's packed with flavor.
Available in convenient, freezer-friendly containers:
- **450 ml** - Ideal for smaller meals or side dishes.
- **750 ml** - Perfect for family dinners or gatherings.
 Prepared using traditional smoking methods for an authentic taste. Our sauce is crafted from scratch, blending the perfect balance of sweet, tangy, and smoky flavors. Ready to heat and serve, making it perfect for quick meals, sandwiches, or adding to your favorite recipes.
*Frozen Fresh: Sealed and frozen immediately after preparation to lock in flavor and freshness.

Enjoy the convenience of restaurant-quality smoked pulled pork right from your freezer, ready to be enjoyed at any time. 

Disfruta del rico sabor ahumado de nuestro cerdo desmechado, cocido a fuego lento a la perfección y bañado en nuestra exclusiva salsa BBQ casera. Cada lote se prepara meticulosamente para asegurar carne de cerdo tierna y jugosa, llena de sabor.
Opciones de Empaque: Disponible en prácticos envases aptos para congelador:
450 ml - Ideal para comidas pequeñas o como acompañamiento.
750 ml - Perfecto para cenas familiares o reuniones.
Auténtico Sabor Ahumado: Preparado con métodos tradicionales de ahumado para un sabor auténtico.Salsa BBQ Casera: Nuestra salsa se elabora desde cero, mezclando el equilibrio perfecto de sabores dulces, ácidos y ahumados.
Conveniente y Versátil: Listo para calentar y servir, perfecto para comidas rápidas, sándwiches o para agregar a tus recetas favoritas.
Congelado Fresco: Sellado y congelado inmediatamente después de la preparación para conservar el sabor y la frescura. Disfruta de la conveniencia del cerdo desmechado ahumado de calidad de restaurante directamente desde tu congelador, listo para ser disfrutado en cualquier momento.

  • Frozen Item

    Freezing is a natural preservation process which does not require the use of additional preservatives. Vitamins and minerals are 'locked in' through freezing, while fats, proteins and carbohydrates are unaffected.

    The biggest positive for freezing food is that it can sustain for much longer. It travels better, and it maintains nutritional value for longer. Ironically, one of the negatives for fresh food is in the travel time it is likely to lose nutritional value at a much faster rate in comparison to its frozen counterpart. Therefore, frozen food is a real alternative to fresh, that's just as good nutritionally.

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