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Specialty Products

Chef prepared frozen meals, meats, bone broths & soups with the best ingredients from local & organic farms.

Our fermented foods are an excellent way to restore, or maintain a healthy gut microbiome. More information on our blog.

How it Works

1. Pick your favorite foods & have them delivered to you. Order must be received through this website.
2. Subscribe to receive our weekly emails with information about our menu & health food.
3) Payments: Bancolombia transfers, paypal xoom, wompi link or cash left in an envelope with the portero.


Tuesday and Friday: Medellin 
Thursday: Oriente

Please order by 5pm the day before delivery.

Delivery fee is 12.000.

Verve Bodega 

We offer fermented foods & artisanal products. Honorato Bakery, Llanogrande Mall, local 16. Free pickup. 

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