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Germinated Bean Sprouts

About Verve Sano

Our mission at Verve Sano is to provide nutritious, delicious, and environmentally conscious food. Food is our philosophy and our protest: all of our fruits, vegetables, meats, and artisanal collaborators are from local organic gardens and regional provisioners. We focus on living-food. For more information on specific fermentations, visit our blog.


Our delivery service is designed to help you eat cleaner, live more sustainably, and reconnect with the source of your food. During the pandemic we focused on prepared meals to bring home-cooked, nutritious meals to our clients, but our goal is not to provide all your meals, but to improve your overall health by achieving a more balanced diet. 


We emphasis recyclable materials and our glass jar deposit ensures that food stays fresh, and are returned empty to be sanitized and reused again, decreasing our eco-footprint. Our delivery drivers are independent: your money goes straight into their pockets. 



"The food at Verve Sano is amazing and if you like hot sauce or pickled items this is the place to order from. They have amazing desserts and pre-made meals that are incredible. I highly recommend you order from here." -Brian Summers

"I consistently order from Verve Sano every week Their food is fresh, organic, and super high quality. I love the prepared meals, the bacon, the sweets, salsas, soups, dressings, dips, fermented veggies, Kombucha, etc. You can't go wrong." -Tim Breidigan

"I order from Verve Sano pretty much every week. They have the best bacon in town by far! My family really enjoys the prepared meals each week, which are really easy to reheat and serve. These guys are pretty much a one stop shop for pickled items and hot sauces. Both are hard to find here in Medellin. Take my word for it, have them add spice to the pickled green beans :) I tell my local friends to order here all the time. For the reasons above and the customer service is next level. Give them a try, you won't be disappointed!!!" -Matt Fluker

"I found Verve Sano a few months ago and now order consistently every week. Their food and beverages are amazing. They deliver on time every week to my door. 

The website is perfect, with so much to choose from and their prepared entree meals change weekly. The important aspect for me is all the healthy options they have.

My faves are the Turmeric / Ginger soda water, Kombucha, Turkey and Veggie burgers, All natural Granola, great fresh cheeses, homemade Bone Broth, coconut brownies. They have awesome prepared meals as well.I like that all meals can be tailored to your specific diet: vegan, keto, vegetarian.They are easy to communicate with and the order process is simple. I highly recommend!" -Joei Skeffington

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