About Verve Sano

Our mission at Verve Sano is to provide healthy, nutritious, and environmentally conscious food. 

We use the freshest ingredients in our prepared meals and fermentations. We source our meat locally, support the artisanal coffee, honey, and cheese makers, and ensure that every step leading to the final product is the best for you and the planet. Through our organic farm, and the ones we work with closely, we minimize waste, and focus on living-food: fermentations, preserves, hot sauces, meats, and kombucha. For more information on specific fermentations, visit our blog.

We recognize that many things get in the way of people cooking their own food: time constraints impede on the ability to provision and prepare a proper meal, busy lifestyles lead to exhaustion and no lack of desire to cook, and the results don't always outweigh the effort. It is easier to buy pre-packaged, fast food, or whatever is the most convenient. The expense is growing obesity and health issues, food that  is unrecognizable from its' original state, and an exaggerated amount of packaging and food waste.


The Verve Sano Meal baskets and food delivery are designed to help the you eat cleaner, live more sustainably, and reconnect with the source of your food. 


Our deliveries include prepared meals tailored to all diets, organic vegetable bundles with dressings, artisanal sauces meats. We use only recyclable materials and our glass jar deposit ensures that food stays fresh, and are returned empty to be sanitized and reused again, decreasing our eco-footprint. 

We acknowledge the fast paced lifestyle of the city, in conjunction to the desire to eat healthier, and therefore are constantly changing our meals to remain interesting and adding new snacks and sides. Our blog offers a brief explanation to our fermented foods.

What we do...


Grow or source organic ingredients.


Prepare food that supports your well-being and the earth's.


Invite you to dine with us, host a dining event at your location, or deliver prepared meals to your door. 

VERVE: the spirit and enthusiasm animating artistic composition or performance : VIVACITY, ENERGYVITALITY